Tiny Little Troubles, by Marc Lecard

Tiny Little Troubles

“Deftly combines a fast-paced plot with dark humor ... the various plotlines come together in a farcical combination of violence and satire that will have some readers grinning in spite of themselves.”

—Publisher’s Weekly


“Briskly paced and engagingly written ... fans of crime-caper novels will like this one.”


Available July 22

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Aaron Rogell had it all.

His tech start-up was humming. His nanorobots were nearly ready for prime time. His wife and baby daughter were beautiful. His new house was enormous and extremely expensive.

Everything he had worked for was finally coming together.

It was only natural to celebrate with a hooker or two.

But a new acquaintance from his nightside—the fearsome Pablo Clench— finds out that Rogell is worth money—a lot of money—and decides to get a piece of him. He insinuates himself and his friends into Rogell's company.

And pretty soon Rogell’s whole world starts to unravel.

Vinnie's Head
Vinnie's Head, by Marc Lecard

Small-time Long Island criminal, Johnnie LoDuco, after giving up a promising career as a smut peddler, gets involved with some friends who rob a convenience store, get caught because they are too stoned to make a getaway, and then pin all the blame on him. And when his childhood buddy Vinnie bails him out of jail, he agrees to partake in a scam Vinnie has put together that will make them all rich. The only problem is: while out fishing one day Johnnie reels in the biggest catch of his life... Vinnie's head on the end of the fishing line.

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Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2008
The Poisoned Pen
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