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On Thursday, March 15, 2007 at 7 p.m., at "M" Is for Mystery Bookstore in San Mateo, California, I gave a talk about Vinnie's Head and signed copies. A standing-room-only hometown crowd crushed in to snatch up the inscribed tomes.

Ed Kaufman, owner of "M" is for Mystery and great friend to the local crimewriting community, in a typical pose.

At "M" Is for Mystery Bookstore in San Mateo, left to right: Beth Masse, photographer Keith Ingram (he took the author photo for the book, but don't blame him), and Deb Greco.

From left to right: Me, Nancy (holding Vinnie), Gary Lee Clement, and DJ Simison. Gary was chiefly responsible for the debauchery at the B Street and Vine Wine Bar after the event.

"M" is for Mystery bookstore: I do my famous imitation of a severed head while the house masks look on in disapproval.

Revelers at the launch party, held at B Street and Vine Wine Bar in San Mateo, after the reading at "M" Is for Mystery..

At B Street and Vine Wine Bar, San Mateo, revelers cram in. Clockwise from lower left: Dr. Susan Brundage, Denise Howard, Cathie Arrezzi, Susan Berge, Dan, Gary Lee Clement, DJ Simison, Stacey Weinberger.

At B Street and Vine, left to right: David Valkenaar, Jim Wasco, and myself try to finish all the wine on the table before everyone gets back from the restrooms.

Next day, after all the excitement died down: My beautiful daughter, Anne Morgann LeCard-Collins, and her husband, William, receive their signed copy of Vinnie's Head at Tadich's Restaurant in San Francisco, not realizing that the bill for the dinner has been placed between pages two and three.

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