One of my crime short stories is in Killer Year: A Criminal Anthology, edited by Lee Child (St. Martin’s Minotaur, 2008). Killer Year is an anthology of 13 stories by 2007 debut crime novelists plus three by veteran novelistas Allison Brennan, Ken Bruen, and Duane Swierczynski.

A ghost story of mine, "The Admiral's House," appears in At Ease with the Dead, an anthology of ghost stories edited by Barbara and Christopher Roden. It's out now, and available from Ash Tree Press.

"Night Window" appears in The Best of Not One of Us, an anthology taken from the past fifteen years of Not One of Us magazine. Both the magazine and the anthology are edited by John Benson.

Other stories, mostly supernatural, have appeared in various small press publications, including All Hallows and Lovecraft's Weird Mysteries.

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Edited by Barbara and Christopher Roden

My ghost story "The Admiral's House" appears in this anthology At Ease with the Dead, alongside 29 great and terrifying tales from some of the best writers in the genre.

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Edited by John Benson
Prime Books 2006
ISBN 0-8095-6215-4

My story "Night Window" is included in this fine anthology from Prime Books, The Best of Not One of Us, featuring 15 stories from the 15-year run of this excellent little mag.

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Read Stories

  • The Haunted Shopping Cart
    When shopping late at night at an all-night supermarket, be careful who your companions are.
  • A  Face in Every Window
    “A Face at Every Window” is something like a noir ghost story (yes, there are ghosts in it).
  • The Proof
    Occasionally I cough up a story that  is neither crime nor supernatural nor any recognizable genre. “The Proof” is one of these, offered here for your online delectation.

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