Vinnie's Head, by Marc Lecard

Vinnie’s Head

From the twisted mind of first-timer Marc Lecard comes a darkly comic and sensational new crime masterpiece, which is quickly drawing comparisons to the best of Carl Hiaasen and Elmore Leonard.

Small-time Long Island criminal Johnnie LoDuco gets involved in a credit card scam with his childhood buddy, Vinnie McCloskey-Schmidt, that will make them all rich for life. The only problem is while out fishing one day Johnnie reels in the biggest catch of his life...Vinnie’s head on the end of the fishing line.

Now mafia types, bounty hunters, and Vinnie’s girlfriend are after him, and Johnnie doesnt have a clue as to why. They all seem to want Vinnie’s head, but Johnnie seems to have misplaced it in an ice cooler. If he wants to live he needs to get it back.

What People Are Saying About Vinnie’s Head

"For those of us who like our crime writing with a dose of dark humor, Vinnie's Head is the ticket. Great characters, pace, style, and story—Marc Lecard has chops!"

— Christopher Moore, New York Times Bestselling Author of A Dirty Job

"Alfredo Garcia has nothing on Vinnie McCloskey-Schmidt. But the head we need concern ourselves with sits atop Marc Lecard's neck—it teems with gruesome and unsettling things which he is able, like a literary Chas Addams, to spill constructively onto the page. VINNIE'S HEAD is the most entertaining crime novel I've read in a long time."

— Scott Phillips, bestselling author of THE ICE HARVEST

"I loved this book and if you wanted a blend of BRING ME THE HEAD OF HEAD OF ALFREDO GARCIA... and THE SOPRANOS... but with dazzling writing and mesmerizing characters... this book is it and so much much more, a dark diamond of that rarity... sheer readability... you don't realize how well crafted the writing is till you've read the novel in one straight sitting... debuts don't come any better than this."

— Ken Bruen, shamus award-winning author of THE GUARDS

"Marc Lecard is a fresh literary dose of laughing gas. His breezy style and wicked wit bring alive a hilarious world of conmen, hitmen, and luckless losers, not the least of which is petty car thief and porno writer Johnnie LoDuco. Johnnie is just the type to go fishing for flounder and reel in his best friend's severed noggin.VINNIE'S HEADdoes for Long Island what Carl Hiaasen has done for Florida. It's a madcap thrill ride from start to finish."

— David Ferrell, author of Screwball

"What a setup--this book had me hooked on page one! The twists just kept coming...and growing more twisted every time. VINNIE'S HEAD totally screwed with mine! It's The Sopranos on acid, Elmore Leonard on crack, Pulp Fiction on poppers, Carl Hiaasen on magic mushrooms chased down with a fifth of tequila. After reading it, I had to check into rehab!"

— Steve Hockensmith, author of Holmes on the Range

About Vinnie's Head

In paperback March 2008 from St. Martin’s Minotaur

Vinnie's Head, by Marc Lecard

Paperback: 352 pages
ISBN-10: 031237867X
ISBN-13: 978-0312378677
List Price: $13.95

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Small-time criminal Johnnie LoDuco carries his best friend's head around Long Island in a plastic garbage bag, trying to stay alive. Mysterious figures want to hurt him—and the people trying to help him are just as lethal.

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